November 23, 2015

Sweater Weather: 10 cozy sweaters to warm your winter

10 cozy sweaters to warm your winter!10 cozy sweaters to warm your winter!

10 cozy sweaters to warm your winter!
10 cozy sweaters to warm your winter!
10 cozy sweaters to warm your winter!
Outfit Details:

The weather has been getting cold, cold, cold lately! I've hit the point where I start drifting towards the think, chunky sweaters (yum!), every morning. I'm a sucker for warm sweaters. The sweater that I'm wearing above is a new fav. The fabric is incredibly soft and heavy. I love all the texture the sweater has, along with the braided detailing across the front. I've included 10 more sweaters that I think are perfect for the season! Enjoy!

As always, thanks for reading!

November 16, 2015


3 ways to wear burgundy

Burgundy has always been one of my favorite colors to wear and it's one I've been seeing a lot this time of year. I love how rich, yet understated the color is. It's an extremely forgiving color that's hard to go wrong with.

The crop top + high-waisted skirt was a duo I couldn't resist. I loved the way they paired together, as well as the versatility that could be created from each individual piece. I've shared three outfits that I quickly pulled together from my closet styled around these pieces...

3 ways to wear burgundy
3 ways to wear burgundy
 LOOK No. 1:

3 ways to wear burgundy
3 ways to wear burgundy
LOOK No. 2:

This boxy crop top would also pair great with a black pencil skirt, but I decided to pair it with a long, white button-up and a pair of dark skinnies for a more relaxed look. 

3 ways to wear burgundy 3 ways to wear burgundy
LOOK No. 3:

Perhaps the most formal of all three looks, I've decided to wear the twosie as is and pair it with a soft blush accent. This is one of my favorite color combinations this season.

What's your favorite look?

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November 12, 2015

Knitwear + Tackling Vintage!


COAT (c/o) // TOP // SKIRT // HEELS (older style) // SUNNIES
FUR (thrifted!), similar style HERE and HERE // WATCH // CLUTCH

Believe it or not, the mink attachment on my coat has been thrifted! I love shopping through vintage stores because everything is so unique. It's like a giant closet of every decade before you were born. you won't find anything like it at department stores or boutiques. Each piece is one of a kind. However, shopping at second-hand clothing stores can be overwhelming because they tend to be less organized and everything is used. There are a few tricks to shopping at vintage shops to make the most from your money and make the best use of your time. I've attached three questions I always ask myself before purchasing anything from a second-hand store:

1. Is this practical?
There are lots of fun, colorful pieces at vintage stores: statement pieces with big buttons, sequins, glitter, you name it. Although these are super fun to look through, its important to distinguish between what may be awesome for your costume box and what you would wear on a day-to-day basis. Statement pieces are always fun but there's a fine line between the two.

2. Is this salvageable?
Some pieces just need a few adjustments to shine. I bought one of my high school dance dresses at a vintage shop and made a few adjustments to make it work for my body. It's become my favorite dress I've worn to a high school dance. It was so different from any of the other dresses and I got lots of compliments on it. Some easy adjustments might include cutting length from the bottom in order to have more fabric to add sleeves to a dress, tailoring a pair of baggy pants or a dress, etc.

3. Is this in good condition?
No matter how cute a piece of clothing may be, some things are deal-breakers. If there are yellow armpit stains or if the fabric is fraying, there is no reason to think about spending money on it. Usually, vintage shops will be good at shifting through worn clothes, but not always.

Happy thrifting!

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